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Michael Novak
Author, philosopher and theologian
UFM honorary doctorate in social sciences

Extraordinary. A true citadel of classical liberal thought


Mario Vargas Llosa
Nobel laureate in literature
UFM honorary doctorate in literature


One of the leading universities in Latin America


Milton Friedman
Nobel laureate in economics
UFM honorary doctorate in social sciences


The mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín is to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal, and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

Disruptor Series

Let’s accelerate freedom!

What if applying the principles of markets and self-organization could significantly raise the success rate of your projects?

Every year, a small group of highly-leveraged policy reformers, entrepreneurs, and disruptors come together in Antigua, Guatemala. Here, they work for two intense days on projects from around the world that hold the promise of expanding human well-being through liberty, using an innovative and effective collaborative format based on self-organization.

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It’s a MOOC! (A WHAT?)

Massive Open Online Course”

Can we create a brand of popular online courses with worldwide reach to communicate ideas on liberty?

In his novel Don Quijote, Cervantes makes the case for stable money, equality before the law, marketplace ethics, racial diversity, religious freedom, and respect for women. What a great opportunity to use imaginative literature to teach the relationship between liberty, prosperity, and human dignity. With UFM’s pioneering online course, large audiences are encountering ideas they might otherwise meet with indifference or reject (12,000 enrolled to date!).

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Hacking the film industry!

How can a book like Human Action compete against the adventures of Che on his motorcycle? Which one touches the hearts of more people?

For liberty to take hold, the public must understand that free enterprise generates wealth, opportunity, and progress. In January 2016, UFM opened the first university-based film school in Latin America to create a pipeline of film entrepreneurs who value the principles that sustain a free society.

Taking on the ivory tower of financial regulation!

Finance Research

The goal is ambitious: To shift financial regulation to more free-market approach.

Around the world, new waves of financial regulation are on the way. Financial markets are the bedrock of a free and prosperous society. Anyone who defends liberty should be worried.

FRC is a catalyst and publishing platform for high-level and innovative research on financial economics. First priority? Focus on analyzing new regulations published at the consultation level to maximize impact on policy decisions BEFORE they happen.


Michael Polanyi

Can we build individual freedom and responsibility into the learning process itself?   

MPC is an intensive, three-year liberal arts program built on learning contracts between students and mentors. The innovative approach uses the principles of individual choice, property rights, and responsibility to create a classical liberal ethos around the learning process itself. Students graduate with a deep appreciation—on a personal level—for the concept of free to choose.

Degrees awarded

  • Associate
  • Baccalaureus artium and scientiae
  • Licenciatura (licentiate)
  • Magister (artium and scienciae)
  • MD
  • DDS
  • Doctorate


Academic disciplines

  • Architecture
  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Computer Science
  • Dentistry
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Film, Visual Media and Entrepreneurship
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Social Sciences 

Academic calendar

At UFM, as in most of Guatemala, the academic year begins in January and finishes in November. Undergraduate programs operate on a semester system; graduate programs on either a quarter or a semester system. Undergraduate programs have an eight-week semester break in June and July. Commencements are in May and November.

Language of instruction

Although the language of instruction in most programs is Spanish, visiting professors often give classes and lectures in English. English is also the language of instruction at UFM’s Michael Polanyi College. In all programs, students are expected to have a working knowledge of English. At the undergraduate level, an acceptable TOEFL score is a degree requirement.

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Total enrollment



Fifty percent of Guatemalans live in poverty, the majority in urban slums or remote rural areas. Most talented minds go to waste because poor families need their kids to start working, often long before they hit high school.

UFM founded the ITA scholarship program in 1996 to identify the most highly qualified and motivated students among Guatemala’s poorest and make it possible for them to earn a life-changing UFM degree. In Spanish, ITA stands for Promoting Academic Talent.


“Being a project owner at the Antigua Forum feels like running around the town square naked. After a while, it feels okay to run around naked.”
Nathan Tjirimuje, Namibia

Fifty-one people from 20 countries gathered in the garden of UFM’s landmark colonial house, where they drilled down on 12 projects over two days.
This year saw a strong focus on disrupting current systems in trade, legal services, medicine, education, and political parties. And on how to leverage internet-enabled technology to scale and replicate.

“The power of the Antigua Forum is the celebration of human progress. It is taking local knowledge and experience, and applying it globally for our improvement, so we may live better, fuller lives.”
Lawson Bader, President and CEO of DonorsTrust

“We accomplished in two days what would have taken two years. Nobody has to start from scratch because there are always people around who have done something similar.”
Titus Gebel, entrepreneur and founder of Free Private Cities

“For me, the most valuable lesson is that we need to think big. Big ideas are going to change the world. With the resources and the people that you meet at Antigua Forum, you’ll walk away very prepared to execute very big ideas.”
Connor Boyack, author of The Tuttle Twins series

“I often think that I might have a terrific idea and know the way to go forward. What I’ve learned here is that sharing my ideas freely with others—not holding them close—can contribute and help me see things in a completely new way and bring them to a place that I would never have imagined before.”
Renee Knake, founder of Responsive Law project

At the closing dinner, economist Tom Hazlett gave an inspiring tribute to his friend and colleague Giancarlo Ibárgüen, founder of the Antigua Forum, who passed away in March 2016.
View Tom’s tribute here.

Learn about the Antigua Forum

Get Naked! The Antigua Forum The Accelerator for Freedom 
January 19 – 21, 2017

Dual UFM/Tulane MBA expands to inspire medical entrepreneurs and disruptors

Human Rights UFM’s 2017 academic year opens with an address by free speech champion Flemming Rose, author of The Tyranny of Silence

January brings the first of hundreds of foreign visitors who will come to UFM this year, attracted by its mission

UFM alumnus wins third place in Hayek Essay Contest sponsored by the Mont Pelerin Society

UFM organizes Atlas Network’s Unconference

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  • Innovate ways to promote the ethical dimensions of free enterprise that build bridges between liberty and the human spirit

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